Friday, September 6, 2013

Chains of Craze!

I sat with hand tied above my head. 'Not again' I said too myself; 'Senorita..dis Lagos waka don dey get K-leg oo'
I hadn't been taken to a police station but to a place filled with mad people, I call them mad because the past two nights I have spent in this place almost drove me crazy as men and women screamed and laughed out loud even at the middle of the night. The workers at the institution acted crazy as well as most times they walked past our tightly closed rooms as though we didn't exist. I had been informed earlier that someone was to see me today; someone of great importance; a Tychiatrist...that was the name they called.
As I sat patiently on the bare floor and stared at the empty room, I cringed in fear; what if? Was my line of thought 'wetin dem wan do me for dis place? Abi na for craze cell I go dey?'
My thoughts were interrupted by the heavy metal bolt being unlocked from the outside of my room and once the door opened, I sprang to my feet, hoping that whoever came to see me, also  came to save me as well but the strict face of the man who walked into the room unnerved me.
"Oga abeg...I no do anything! Na dem carry me come hia..." i started but he cut me short by ordering two other men behind him to bring me out of the room. The two men were heavy manhandlers, they didn't care that I felt like crap instead they lifted me up and dragged me out of the room. I screamed loud and kicked my legs at the air, I was scared as to where we were headed. Two minutes later they dumped me in a small room which had no activity except the slowly whirling fan in the room.
"Oga please sir...helep me, na beg I dey so..." I cried.
The men walked out on me and shut the door behind them, I moved to a corner of the room and sitting down on one of the chairs, I cried again. This was the first time I really felt sad in the city of Lagos and desperately longed for home. At my village, I never went without food or shelter, even clothes though ragged, were available. 'Lagos is no man's land and once you have no family or friends, no one cares for you' I thought to myself as I pitied my present state. Shortly, the door opened and someone walked in, I looked up to stare into the eyes of a young man whose kind I have never before seen. Sniffing and wiping my tears with the back of my palms, I get up from the chair and look at him, with my tongue glued to my mouth. He was not just goodlooking but very dapper too, throughout my stay in the city of Lagos, I had never seen his kind on foot; they were mostly seen from the windows of vehicles.
"Hello are you?" He asked, with a lovely accent.
This was the first time someone pronounced my name with grace and composure, others made it sound like 'Sanurita!' but his was different.
"Sirr..." I replied, staring at him like a moron that I was.
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"Please sit, it's a pleasure meeting you. How are you feeling?" He asked.
I couldn't take it anymore, I started weeping loudly and falling on the floor like one who had been possessed by a demonic spirit. 'How could someone be this kind?' I thought as the tears rushed from my eyes and fell to my cheeks in torrents. He stood up and walked over to meet me, gently he helped me to my feet and retrieving his freshly scented handkerchief from his pocket, he handed it over to me. I blew my nose loudly and after which I shoved the handkerchief into my bra. I saw his eyes light up in surprise but he didn't say anything, rather, he held onto my hand and led me to the chair were we sat facing each other.
"My name is Dr. Gerald, I am a psychiatrist, I am here to make sure you get better." He said.
"Wetin? I no understand..."I started.
"Don't worry about that, I'll try to make you understand but first of all, I want to know all about you. I have studied your files, but I would like to see if you can communicate with me clearly."
"Oga...I no understand de big grammar you dey yarn. You fit talk pidgin?" I asked, clearly confused.
"No...I don't know how to speak pidgin but I could break down my words to enable easy comprehension."
"Complyvision? Dis one na gbege oo..." I murmur.
"This is going to be tough but I can assure you that, we would understand each other perfectly." He smiled.
I smiled back, like the idiot that I was; chiding myself for gushing over him after vowing to keep my hands off men for as long as I live.
"I'll get one of the nurses, she'll translate better." He said.
Taking his phone out of his pocket, I watch his gestures as he quickly dials the nurses number and speaks to her quickly. I am amazed at his mannerisms and at how neatly he looked; his nails were short and clean and his teeth were whiter than any I have ever seen in my life.
The nurse comes in moments later and spoils my 'AHA' moment as her chewing gum sounds smacks hard against my ears. The doctor ignores her lack of manners and goes ahead to give her instructions as to translating for his understanding and mine. We begun talking and I spilled in tears, my predicament and all that I have ever done, it was confession time and I felt keeping secrets unnecessary.
"So, from what you said, it was all your madam's plan from the beginning; she set you up." The doctor said as soon as the last part of my story was translated.
"Yes true talk." I said quietly.
The doctor scratches his head and drags in a deep breath, the nurse looks at both of us and laughs;
"Dr. Oyibo Gerald, please don't be fooled; this is how they all are...liars and desperately looking for ways to escape this facility. You should have seen what she did to her employer's friend, I hear the woman is presently in a state of coma."
"I'll appreciate it nurse, if you excuse us." Dr. Gerald said curtly.
" are new in Nigeria ooo...I know you are a son of the soil but those years you spent practicing psychiatry in the Oyibo world cannot cure the madness of ninety percent of the patients here. I'd advise you to return to the place you were trained and practice there." The nurse continued while smoldering a laugh.
The glare from Dr. Gerald's eyes seemed to scare her away as she left the room.
"Talk Oyibo you be?" I asked.
"No...I'm Nigerian in flesh and blood...heck, I'm not even light skinned." He said with a smile.
"But why you come Naija wen you dey jand before?" It was my turn to ask questions.
"I'm on a brief assignment here in Nigeria." He said then looking at the confusion on my face, he says "I am in Nigeria for short time and I will go back soon." He picked the words carefully, this time.
" wan leave me comot? You wan make I die for hia?" I begin to cry again.
"Shhh...I'll be here for the next two months and I'm sure you'll be out before then." He said.
I nodded in silence and sat quietly till I heard the knock at the door and the two men who brought me to the doctor's office, emerge again.
"Doctor Gerald, are you through with examination?" One of them asked.
The doctor nodded curtly and I turned to him in desperation and a quiet plea in my eyes, I could bear the torture of the room I had been confined to and I knew he was powerless to help me. As soon as the men dragged me away; I screamed at the top of my lungs;
"Dockitor be so you yarn oooo"

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