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Revolution + Senorita's Fall!

The Revolution 
Hey Guys,
I am excited to say that in no time, my new site will be launched. boasts of an unstoppable flow of stories that will keep you at the edge of your seats all day. For this new site, each day will have a new post on different stories. I am launching this site so that all my works can be merged together as one. With this site, everyone can enjoy their favourite stories at just the click of a button. On the picture below is a preview of my header. Hopefully, soon, you will be directed to for all your lovely stories.

Here's a rough sketch of the categories section:
There will be a Home page with all the posts of the day, the life of a very funky naija teenager which I have changed to Life of funky naija teens, Frank Tuesday which I introduced recently, Senorita the Lagos chick, Reviews, and finally, Wife Material, a new addition to my weekly stories. I have separated each to suit the five working days of the week. 
Mondays: Expect the post for Life of Funky Naija Teens( which has all the stories of your favourite teens.)
Tuesdays: Expect the post for Frank Tuesday.
Wednesdays: Get your dose of Senorita The Lagos Chick
Thursdays: Reviews (which is a new section of products, sponsored or reviewed by me.)
Fridays: Will have my newest and most exciting addition,Wife Material ( It's a surprise and see) 
On the side bar will have a 'Book of The Week Section' where I'll place my favourite book of the week. Either chosen by me or by you the reader (I'm doing this to support Nigerian/African young authors who would like to use my blog as a platform to advertise their books.)
I hope you enjoy my new site and everything that I added.  Remember that I couldn't have done this without your suggestions, help, prayers, support and your views. I am so grateful to each one of you for reading and commenting and I hope that this new change makes you as happy as it has made me.
Thank You for reading my stories and I  pray that God will bless and water your paths with so much success. Amen.

Best Wishes...

Senorita's Fall!

“She has fainted, revive her quick!” I heard one of the girls say.
"Bring water…be quick…run run…” Shouted another of the girls.
Madame was trying hard to keep her cool, I could tell that she was pacing around the sitting room.
“Madame, what do we do? She’s not getting up.” Said Chi, who had taken care of me these past few days.
“We cannot lose another recruit…No way! I have inflicted Fola with madness by breaking our cord but losing this one in the process, no way!” Madame shouted.
They brought water and poured it on me and I held my breath. Thanks to the swimming exercises I had taken in my village, I didn’t move a muscle when they poured the chilled water on me.
“She isn't responding …” Cried Chi 
I felt sorry for her, she really sounded pained but I had made up my mind not to wake up. I saw what happened to Fola and I would not let myself enter a bigger fry pan than I’m used to. I know that the money swayed me at first and if I had a chance, I’ll go to the strong room and cart away with the bundles but I have to stay still, till I get the chance to escape.
“Madame, why don’t we take her to the hospital?” One of the girls suggested.
“No way! I won’t do that…she can't be tied back to me, the police are searching for me as it seems and everything that I have built. Sending her to the hospital will only have her confess to everyone who cares to hear about what went on here. I had the woman who brought her here, killed and after what happened to Fola, I don’t think I want her out of our sight.”

I remembered Awero and sighed…and the sigh came out a bit louder than I expected.
“Wait…I just heard her sigh…is she awake?” Asked Chi.
“I heard nothing ooo…” Said another girl.
“I heard her sigh…I can swear it.” Chi said.
They were all silent for a while and I could not decipher what they were doing since my eyes were closed. I was tempted to open my eyes a little to see what they were doing but if I did, they would catch me. Later, I heard whispers and movements then unexpectedly, I was lifted up from the floor, I almost sucked in a breath but held myself . Suddenly, I heard Madame’s voice.
“Take her to the nearest hospital and send me feedback.” Madame said with a very queer concern in her voice.
A door opened and I was carried outside, I could feel the wind caress my cheek and the warm sunlight that bathed my skin. I instantly knew that I needed to be outside again, free and exploring the Lagos life.
I almost applauded myself at this juncture, I relaxed and almost smiled at my cleverness. The hands that carried me suddenly placed me down on the ground. Then I heard their voices,
“Let us go into the house and get the keys to the bus.” Said one of them, it was a man.
“Aha…why didn’t you bring out the key? Which of the buses are we taking? We have to take her to the hospital soon or something else might happen to her.” Said another male voice.
"Let's go into the house together and get the key." Said the first.
"Is that a good idea?" Asked the second.
"What can an almost dead girl do? Abegi...let's go." Said the first.
I heard their footsteps as they left me alone. My heart beat so fast that suddenly I opened one eye and then the next. There was no one around so I quietly and carefully turned my neck, there was no one in sight. Jumping up from the ground as though my life depended on it, I contemplated on the next step to take. 

They had fallen for my faint stunt and I had to leave the house immediately. It was my first time standing in Madame’s compound in the day time, the last time, I was with Awero and it was during night time. I had no trouble finding the gate and I ran towards it and even though there was no security at the gate, it was locked. I looked up at the fence, it was very tall but I was an expert in scaling and in no time, I had found myself at the top of the walls.
That was when the alarm rung! The loud shrill of the alarm could wake the dead and I was too shocked for words. Suddenly, Madame, her bodyguards and the girls ran out of the house and hurried towards me. Fear gripped me like a padlock, I turned to the other side and saw just at the ground below the fence, three dogs barking at me with ferocity. I didn’t know what to do. Madame and the girls had reached the fence and they were all laughing.
“You thought you could fool us right?” Madame laughed.
“There’s no turning back, you either fall in or fall out and you know the consequences…” Said Chi in anger.
“You little liar! I have never seen a girl with so much stupidity in my life but I guess I’m the more stupid one of the both of us. I still want you in my team. This is a residential area and even though a lot of people have gone to work, no one will notice you. Everyone will think that you’re a thief. I can’t believe you almost tricked me if not for Chi’s observation when she heard you sigh. You either get in here or out!And when you get out, those blood thirsty hounds will tear you to shreds.” Shouted Madame.
I stared at them, and turned back to look at the dogs that were barking loudly and baring ugly sharp teeth. Madame had indeed spoken the truth, not one neighbour peeped out of their gate, the area was very peaceful and quiet. I was stuck, I couldn't fall either left or right!       

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Early the next day, I was taken to a very large sitting room and for the first time in my life I was staring at more than fifty beautiful ladies. My mouth hung agape as they tried hard not to look at me, I didn't really know what was going on, all I knew was, I had to join these ladies, even if it was the last thing I ever did.
The door to the on of the rooms opened and two ladies walked out followed by Fola who was striped naked and who had her hands bound in a thick rope. She stared at the ground careful not to look at anyone and I sensed her fear, today was her judgement day. Another door opened and Madame stepped out in an all white outfit. She looked like a queen and I instantly became afraid as well, I really didn't understand what I had gotten Fola into. Immediately Madame stepped out, all the ladies fell to the ground in prostrate, it was as though she really was queen of their world, I too fell in prostrate as well, I did as they did.
Fola was pushed to the middle of the circle we had made and she fell to the ground on her knees. Madame looked at her angrily and spoke;
"You have betrayed have betrayed out trust."
"I am sorry Madame. You have done so much for me and I really enjoyed serving you but I didn't...I couldn't. I realized that the new girl didn't understand what she was getting into that was why I had to try to let her escape. If only I knew that she wasn't interested in leaving!" Fola said quietly.
"You know what comes with your actions...disgrace! All your properties seized! You will be thrown out into the streets, naked as the day you came." Madame shouted.

"Mercy Madame, please forgive me. My family have lived the life of comfort for too long and I can't let anything destroy their happiness. Whatever you ask, I will do. Kill me if you must but don't let your anger burn my family especially my mother." Fola cried.
"I won't spill more blood on my hands, I am not interested in killing you. You would have pulled off your plan unsuspectingly if the girl Senorita didn't speak up or alert everyone to your deeds." Madame said.
As soon as I heard my name, I felt obliged to speak.
" God oo...I for run comot with am if not for de money wey I see for inside room..." I started.
"Will you shut that dirty mouth of yours?" Madame barked at me.
"My mouth? E nor dorty na...abi I brush am dis morning." I continue.
The other ladies look at me in shock, they wondered how i could speak to Madame with no iota of fear.
“Can someone slap this twart’s face?” Madame thundered.
One of the ladies beside me hammered me with a resounding slap. I was taken aback, I turned back to the lady and slapped her.
“How you go slap me? Na wetin she talk you must to do? Who you be sef?” I panted.
The lady stared at me in surprise and turned to look at the Madame in question.
“We only brought you out here to testify, that’s all, and not to talk when you’re not spoken to.”Madame said.
“You suppose happy say I dey talk…for my village pesin nor dey hia my voice. Na so I go just quiet like sheep.” I said.
Madame rolled her eyes in exasperation and continued speaking to Fola, ignoring me completely.
“If you had a problem with a customer, all you had to do was inform me and I’ll take care of it. You shouldn't have told Chi about it and plotted to take my new recruit from me. For this, I am cutting your ties from this sisterhood for good.” Said Madame who brought out a scissors from her pocket and walked up to Fola. Taking Fola’s hands in her hand, she cut loose the ropes that bound her.
In that instant, Fola fell to the floor in a heap and after a while, stood up, her eyes looked glazed and spittle rolled down the sides of her mouth. Fola suddenly shrieked in laughter and ran round the room, she had run mad. Some guards walked in at that point and took her away.
There was complete silence as everyone shivered in fear, ‘how did Madame do that?’ I thought to myself. Immediately I started shaking like a leaf and felt sweat trickle down my spine. Madame turned to us.
“This is the beginning and the end of your journey. Disappoint me and get the treatment of a dog, impress me and get everything you want, cars, houses, luxury, gifts…everything. Anyone else that goes behind my back after taking the oath will run mad in the streets of Lagos till she’s dead. Do I make myself clear?”
‘Yes Madame.” Everyone replied.
Turning to the two girls who had brought in Fola into the room, she said;
“Follow up on my lawyer, have him prepare to confiscate Fola’s properties. Her family must be out on the streets by noon tomorrow.”
The girls nodded and Madame continued.
“As for the new girl, Senorita, get her prepared for the oath. She joins us officially today.”     
Immediately those words left her mouth, I fell to the ground in a dead faint.                        

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Frank Tuesday- Our Gifts

Just yesterday, after church, I saw a proud mother introducing her little son to a friend as her 'future lawyer'. It was cute, and I was impressed that she could dream 'big' for her son yet, something else struck me. Why was she planning his future for him at such an early stage? The boy shouldn't be more than two or three yet his mother already knew what she wanted him to be in the future. My mind zeroed in on many parents I have met and I realized that some parents are the ones who make choices for their kids and vice versa. Let's look into Chinenye's rants with Timilehin at the assembly ground in the just concluded episode of 'Ruined' (Just In case you missed it: )

Chinenye has a talent or would I call it a gift, which is, to make clothes but her parents feel that being an Economist is better. Don't get me wrong, every parent wants the best for their child but when their 'so called' best is killing the child's dreams or gift, then they have to stop. I've seen instances of parents relieving their dreams in their children or threatening to stop paying their kids school fees all because they are not studying the courses of their choice.
I could remember that while growing up, I was quite the rambunctious one. I drew all over the place, painted a lot and wrote cartoons in papers and tore pieces of papers. My room was filled on a daily basis with short stories and cartoon drawings, all done by me. Even after my parents begged me to stop littering the house with my write-ups and pieces of paper, I never stopped, I wanted to but I couldn't, it's how I was created. Even in school, while the teacher would be teaching, I'll turn to the back of my book and draw cartoons or write short stories. Along the line, my mom discovered that I was really good at writing and encouraged me, my parents spurred my gift and here I am today.

Surprisingly, when I grew older, I would write stories and place them in my locker in school and whenever someone read it and asked me if I was the one, I felt too ashamed to say that I wrote it. Even when my teacher in school gave me a zero score in an essay homework because she believed I wasn't brilliant enough to write an exceptional essay. I actually thought she was right till my mom paid a visit to the school and you know what that
In summary, life isn't the way it used to be back in the days. When kids sang career songs and aspired to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants e.t.c. Now, things have changed, everyone has a gift or even multiple gifts and no one should kill the talent of his or her child with their cravings or desires.
I do hope Chinenye is given a chance to do what she loves, even though I'm not going to write further on her story. Fashion is big in Nigeria now and with the likes of Mai Atafo, Lanre Da Silva, Jewel by Lisa, Iconic Invanity, Okunoren Twins, the list goes on, there's real money to be made and most of all, satisfaction. After all, your'e doing what you are 'gifted' to do.
I feel that the mother in my first story felt it's her duty to say what she wants her son to be 'anyway, he's after all, her son' but wouldn't it be nice to see parents watch their children closely and see what they are really good at?
I'll leave it at that...

Thanks for reading and sit tight for Senorita's escapade tomorrow.

Note: There's good news, I'll be launching a site soon and this means that all my blogs will be merged together (Thanks to Fab Melody for the wonderful suggestion). This means that I'll be introducing new series with more exciting episodes. Thank you all for your comments and views, you guys are the reason, I'm still writing. God bless you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Frank Tuesday-Getting To Know Me!

I know no one is expecting a post from me today's one. I've decided to start a 'Frank Tuesday' which is practically, writing about everything. From myself to what I do, products I use, products I think you should try out, events, books, movies and many more.
Today, I'll talk about myself and how I coped with the nasty pimples that invaded my face-space a few months ago.
 I am light skinned and have an oily face which is really not a good thing. My skin is dry and my face is badly oily that even after using a face wash, I can still feel oils pushing through to my skin.

So, about two months ago, I had this epic spots breakthrough on my face...when I say spots, I mean black, red and what have you. Now, I really had to fight this spot because really, it was turning my face into a war zone. I called my friend who has incredible skin and asked her what to use and she went to town on loads of stuff.

"Use Dudu Osun soap on your face, don't pop your pimps, mix epiderm and cortisone every night, rub on your face and your spots will disappear."
I was so excited and raided the stores, looking for all she told me to buy. I bought them quickly and followed her regimen. 'For where?' I seemed to grow more spots. Did I add that she told me not to pop the pimple?
I continued this for a month and my face turned Badoooo on me, I mean, I had like huge spots, irritation and this big ...I don't know what to call it...on my face till date.
I picked up the phone, called my friend and bawled, like really bawled my eyes out to her and she was like, "that's what I use and I'm sure you're not doing it the proper way or maybe your skin is super sensitive." We sha... moved on and chatted on other stuff like her new hair regimen (she's growing dreads) and her new job (she's a big-time make-up artist).
So just last week, I got to work really early and you know how it is when you rush out of bed at 5am and have your bath then rush off to the car then zoom. So I got to work at about seven ish and decided to make up. I almost threw myself a pity party! My face was a mess.
Throwing all caution to the wind, I started popping all those nasty pimples, I popped and popped and cringed when I saw the hideous stuff crawling out of my face. When I was done, I took a shawl, hid my face in it and minded my business (I didn't want to entertain 'Ah...Ada what's up with the face?) question.

Now to the main story and how I got rid of the useless pimples and spots.
Over the weekend, I steamed my face with hot water: (After boiling water, pour into a bowl, place in a towel and gently dab your face. It's hot be careful)
I apologize for this photo, it's the only one I took after using my remedy plus it was night too, hence the darkness lol.

After that, I wore a pair of clean socks over my hands and popped the life out of the pimples on my face.
When I was done, I washed my face and used my newest potion 'Dr Miracle Acne Wash'

 and waited for about thirty minutes then I washed off. After this, I scrubbed my face and washed off again then went back to my mirror to see what's up.
My face was remarkably clear. I hope I keep this up tho...
Frosh face...well, almost!

Note: This was the remedy that worked for my face. My friend's remedy didn't work on mine because I kinda realized that we have different skin types.
Thanks for reading and please say if you like the 'Frank Tuesday' section. I would have created another blog for it but, my blogs are getting too much and soon, blogger would start complaining.
I'm also planning on adding new sections during the week, something that would maybe keep the blog busy till I post new episodes of  the 'Funky Naija Teenager and Senorita the Lagos Chick.' I'd also appreciate suggestions for new sections.
*Do you have any pimple story? Please share with us. Thank you.*

God bless...
xoxo Ada...

Monday, July 14, 2014

In Or Not?

I was sound asleep when I heard the door open and someone sneak into the room. I felt a hand clamp my mouth shut and I opened my eyes wide but couldn’t see anything because the room was dark. However, I felt someone close to me.
“Shhh…it’s me. I couldn’t sleep…I had to do right by my conscience.” A female voice which I recognized as Fola’s whispered.
“Hmm…” I moaned.
“I will remove my hand from your mouth but you have to promise me not to scream. I am in enough trouble as it is, I do not want you to step into our shoes, it’s not the most comfortable option.” Said Fola.
I nodded, hardly understanding the grammar she spoke but knowing that she wanted to help me escape as she had said to Chi earlier in the day. She removed her hand from my mouth and I stood up from the bed. My legs still ached from the pricks of the bottles which had pierced my feet some weeks ago and I limped behind her as we left the room. I realized that Madame’s house was so large by the time we had tiptoed through different passage ways and had not still left the house. Fola placed her finger on her lips and motioned that do not say a word and I nodded in compliance. We had just crossed to another passage way when one of the doors to the numerous rooms opened and Fola hurriedly opened a nearby room door and shoved me inside. I landed in a large pile of bundles and I wondered what that was but since the light was turned off, I didn’t know what it was. I heard voices coming from the passage and I was able to hear what was said.
“Fola…what are you doing up at this time of the night? What are you doing in our section?” A female voice asked.
“Tonia…I am so sorry my footsteps woke you up. My phone has been misbehaving lately and the service has been poor. I was looking for where to get better network.” Fola answered, feigning a yawn.
“Okay…these service providers sha. But come ooo…so Madame let you hold on to a phone. She seized mine and some of the girls when she found out that men were contacting us behind her back.” The girl confided.
“Really? How come I did not hear of that?”
“Well…that’s why I don’t have a phone now. But you know…Madame’s prices are too high. She charges these men a whole lot for our services and they complain. She doesn't even let us spend extra time with them, once our time is up, the guards take us away.”
“Well, that hasn’t been my case. Madame gave me permission to take anyone of her cars out of the compound so, I have been doing her business on my watch.”
“Lucky you! Wow you’re a big chic. I pray to be promoted to your level ooo. How’s your mom?”
“She’s fine, I built her a house in the village so, she’s there now.” Fola said.
My eyes widened in shock. So Madame has been enriching these girls lives and now, Fola didn’t want me to benefit from it. Slowly I rose from the bundle and walked to the door, straining to hear what was said. The room was too dark so using my hands I felt for the light socket, it was placed on the wall to my right. I located the switch and turned on the light, the room was instantly flooded in brightness. I opened my mouth in shock as I stared about the room. From the top of the walls to the bottom were huge bundles of notes, ranging from foreign to Nigerian currency. I clamped my mouth shut with my hands to stop myself from screaming.
“So dis na wetin dis yeye gial no want make I chop…chei people wicked sha ooo.” I whisper.
I turn about again and stare at the room in amazement, the money in the room was more than enough to reform my village. I screamed aloud and pushing open the door, I run out of the room.
Words could not express the shocking expression on Fola and Tonia's face as they saw me.
“Chei…na so you wan chop leave me abi? I go show you say, two fit play dis game.” I yell at Fola.
"What are you talking about? Who are you?" Fola asked, acting as though she didn't know me.
"Who is she? What is she doing in our mini strong room? No one enters there." Tonia said, sounding more shocked.

"Ahhhh na dis Fola geh ooo...she waka come meet Chi for afternoon, she talk say she wan helep me escape. Na so she come carry me wen I dey sleep..." I say, pointing at Fola.
" you know this girl? What is she talking about?" Tonia asks in anger.
"No I don't...I've...never seen her in my life." Fola stammered.
"How does she know your name? You are in are in deep shit!" Tonia declared.
The doors to the rooms opened and different sizes of ladies flooded out to the corridor, some guards came as well and everyone looked more shocked than the other.
“Fola want carry me comot from dis kain chopito. You don jam today…ya plan don enter voice mail…” I continue screaming at Fola and clapping my hands. “Help ooo….make una come carry me ooo…I wan join una, if na dis kain money una dey make, I want am ooo. Me wan build better house for my mama for village ooo.” I scream aloud.
Fola knew her bubble had burst, immediately she tries to run but was caught by the hefty thugs. 
I was quickly led away by three ladies who were whispering amongst themselves that they had to take me to Madame.

“I wan join una…abeg carry me go take oath ooo…I wan swear! I must swear today!” I yell.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Strange Truth!

I didn’t count the days, all I knew was, at a certain point, I was dragged out of the tub of water, dried off, dressed in good clothes and had my short hair combed till I felt it would pull out of its roots. A young girl Chijioke, was with me all the time as she fed me, clothed me and made sure I was rested. Everything happened in a blur and somehow, I didn’t understand myself anymore or my body changes, it felt like I was being drugged or intoxicated. I smiled at every whim and stopped protesting, instead I made myself feel at home. One day, as I was sound asleep with only Chijioke as a companion, the door was pushed open quite roughly as someone stumbled in.
“Chi…e don happen ooo.” The voice cried, it belonged to a female.
“Shhhh…don’t speak pidgin…I don’t want us getting into trouble. What happened?” Chi asked the girl in a confused voice.
“That …that bastard…that good for nothing Alhaji…he…he…” The girl started and choked in tears.
“What did he do to you? Didn't you take a guard with you?” Chi asked.
“I have been with that bastard for over six months now so I felt I didn’t need the protection. I was wrong, he is a pig…a goat…a buffalo…an idiot…God will punish him…” The girl continued cursing.
“Fola…calm down, and please keep your voice down, the new recruit is asleep…don’t wake her up with your noise.” Chi cautioned.
“Poor girl, she doesn't know what she’s gotten herself into…how I wish I turned back the day my mother brought me here. We are suffering ooo…let’s stop deceiving ourselves. We are high class prostitutes who are used by big men at will and …oh God!” The girl started and broke down in tears.

Chi ran to hold her in her arms.
“Shhh…please don’t let Madame get angry with me. Your noise is too much and even though I had the new recruit drugged, she could wake up at anytime.” Chi said.
In flinched at her words, ‘drugged?’ I said to myself, what did it mean? ‘Drugs na medicine na?’ I said inwardly. Then, I instantly knew, all the medications I have been receiving, the food, the drinks, everything had drugs laced in, all for me to stop causing a fuss.
“I want to take my life…I want to die…I can’t continue this way…no way!” Fola stamped her foot on the ground and made moan-like sounds in her throat.
“Tell me, what did he do? Please tell me…” Chi pleaded.
“He…he.” Fola started but later dragged Chi closer and whispered into her ears.
“What?” Chi shouted, disregarding the warning she had given Fola earlier about shouting.
“Yes…he did that and many more to me…Chi, I cannot let another girl live this kind of life. I need to stop this or else…” Fola continued.
“I can’t believe he did that! O my God! Please go and tell Madame…”
“What? So that she’ll throw her nose up in the air and tell me that she warned me never to go without an escort? I admit that Madame helped relieve me from poverty but how much better am I now that I’m here?” Fola said and referring to me, she said “Has she taken the oath yet?”
“No… she hasn’t yet.” Chijoke answered quietly.
“Then she can actually leave before things get worse for her. As soon as she takes the oath, it’s over, all over!”
“No way! Madame proposes to send her to Italy. Look at her, she’s so pretty and she has the finest skin even after living a ratchet life and all. Do you know she murmurs about the encounters she went through on the street in her sleep? I have never seen Madame so invested in anyone like this girl. I practically eat, breathe and sleep with her, she is like a mini Queen. Madame knows that this girl is on huge money bag. Big time!”
As I feigned sleep, my heart pumped in fear. One thing is certain, whatever that Alhaji did to Fola was bad, really bad and I wasn't ready to be a part of it or anything associated with it. At that moment, I really wished my mother was a witch or possessed some kind of supernatural powers to save me. Inwardly I screamed;

 “Mama ehhhh…abeg join witchcraft make you come carry me fly comot from hia ooo…dem wan use me do juju.”