Monday, March 24, 2014

Anna's Money!

“Solo! Oh my God! I thought something had happened to you. Baba Michael called me and told me that something bad happened… I rushed down from school. Why didn’t you tell me anything?” Screamed Anna.
We were in the house, Solo lay on the sofa staring at the ceiling, I lay on the floor of the small sitting room still dumbfounded over everything that had happened. I couldn’t imagine how Johnny and Benson disappeared in one day.
“Hello dear…” Solo whispered as he turned to look at his girlfriend who had just entered the house.
“I need an explanation…” Anna demanded.
“Please sit down and stop screaming, I’m having a headache and haven’t slept since yesterday.”
“What happened?” Anna asked, dropping her bag.
“It was right after I dropped you off. Suddenly, my phone rang, it was Baba Michael who was calling to tell me that he found the door to my house open and when he knocked, no one answered.”
“Okay…so what happened?” Anna asked impatiently.
“When I came back, I looked for Senorita but to no avail. I went back for some rounds with the taxi and came back at nine pm to still meet an empty house. I initially thought that she went to get something’s to prepare dinner but I was surprised to still see an empty pot so I sat in the sitting room, waiting for her. Somehow, I slept and woke up this morning to a heavy knock at my door. It was Ismail’s son who had gone to empty their dustbin and who told me that he saw Senorita in the garbage heap.”
“What??? What was she doing there?” Anita asked puzzled.
“I don’t know…some people said she was duped of large sums of money but come to think of it, how much does she have?” Solo said.
“Money? She has no money…where would she get huge sums of money from?” Anna asked.
“It baffles me…Senorita started work a few days ago and she hasn’t even been paid…”
“Where is the money that I gave to you?” Anna asked.
“It’s in my bag over there at the corner.” Solo answered.
My ears pricked, I was finally in trouble! All these while, Solo didn’t know the full story of my encounter with Johnny and Benson and now, his girlfriend was about to solve the mystery. I had to act fast;
“My head! I don die ooo…” I scream.
Solo rushes to my side and quietly shakes me, in a terrified voice, he says;
“Senorita…sorry… I could only afford the Nazareth clinic but you refused that the doctor examines you…all the other hospitals are expensive.”
Anna ran to us and dragged Solo’s hands from my body.
“Stop touching her… she’s not dying haba!”
“She is very sick and it’s all my fault, I should have taken good care of her.”
“When did you become her guardian? Anna asked.
“The day we found her at the side of the road.” Solo snapped.
“Oh please! I can’t take this anymore…how do you expect me to believe that there’s nothing going on between you two?”
“Believe whatever you please. I am not ready to deal with your jealousy today.”
“Me? Jealous? Of this piece of thrash? She’s not half the woman I am!” Boasted Anna.
That insult was too much, I shed off my pretense and struggled to my feet, Solo was surprised.
“Wetin you talk?” I asked Anna.
“Oh! So you have been pretending all these while.” Anna spat.
“Talk that thing wey you talk before…talk am again!” I say.
“You’re not half the woman I am!” Anna said.
I jump and throwing my hands in the air, I slap the breeze and touch my tongue.
“I swear for my mama head say, you no fit hold man like me. Who you be sef?” I ask in anger.
“Senorita! Stop this! You are still recuperating… don’t tell me that jibes like this can get you all worked up.” Solo started.
“Are you taking her sides over mine?” Anna queried Solo.
Solo was lost for words and shaking his head, he walked to the sofa and sat down, trying to ignore the two of us.

“I go beat craze comot for ya head…” I warn.
“I don’t have time for illiterates like yourself…” Anna says to me.
I push her hard and she falls to the ground in a helpless heap. Solo stares at me, his expression, unreadable. Anna gets up again and lunges towards me, I push her again and she falls a second time. She tries to stand again and I jump on her, determined to beat her blue black.
“Stop it! I will not have two wild cats in my house. Get up both of you and get out!” Solo says as he struggles to drag me off Anna’s body.
He separates us and proceed to throw us out.
“Solo! I am your girlfriend and I won’t leave this house. She’s the one that’s supposed to leave.”
“Go home Anna! We’ll see some other time and as for you Senorita, get out of the house and stay outside.”
“Ahhh… no be me cause am…na she ooo” I wail.
“If I leave this house, Solo, if I leave this house, it’s the end of you and me.” Warned Anna.
Solo ignores her warnings and pushes us out of the house.

“Give me back the money that I gave to you now!” Screamed Anna in anger.
Solo walks towards the bag in order to retrieve the money. I look around for an escape route, there’s no other way out of this mess. Solo would find out soon enough that the money is missing and I haven’t had the chance to go looking for Johnny and Benson in order to ask for the money.
“I kept it here, I am sure of it…” Solo started.
“Don’t give me trash…where is my money?” Anna shouted.
Solo scattered his bag and searched for it frantically but it wasn’t there.
“Senorita…” Solo called out to me.

It was too late, I had long reached the floor in a mock dead faint. Deep down I muttered to myself,
"Make una dey find money de go...Senorita don faint!"

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Morning After!

“What happened? Is she alright?” Solo asked someone.
I didn’t know whom because I was still drowsy, probably due to the effects of the drink I had taken the day before with Johnny and Benson.
“Senorita! Oh my God! What happened to you?” Solo asked again as he proceeded to carry me into a waiting vehicle.
I felt fuzzy and weak. My limbs ached and I had started to feel dryness in my throat. As soon as my back touched the car seat, I weakly opened my eyes and stared at Solo, he looked so worried and disheveled.
“Where you want make I drop una?” Asked the driver of the vehicle.
“Please take us to Nazareth hospital. Thank you so much Joe, I really appreciate this.” Solo said to the driver.
“Na nothing na…no be taxi driver we be?”
Solo nodded in understanding.
Soon enough, we were at the hospital and a stretcher was brought. I lay on top of the flat surface of the stretcher as I felt pains rack my body. The nurses wheeled me into the examining room while Solo waited outside. There, I was stripped out of my clothes and cleaned of abrasions and cuts which weren’t many. Soon, a male doctor walked in to attend to me. Even in my dazed state, I was conscious and knew the happenings around me. As soon as the doctor walked into the room, my senses were alert. I started screaming.

“Na man ooo…”
The nurses stared at me in shock as they listened to my rantings.
“Abeg…wia my cloth? Na man dey see my yansh so…” I screamed.
“Did we admit a mad woman?” The doctor asked irritably.
“I don’t know doctor…” Answered one of the nurses.
“Who brought her in?”
“A man.” Answered the second nurse.
“Did you get a report from him?” The doctor asked.
“No doctor… we felt it was an emergency…”
“Please go and ask if she’s suffering from any form of mental disorder.” The doctor asked.
The nurses hurried away, leaving me with the doctor.
“You still dey hia abi? If na when Senorita be Senorita ehn…dis thing for no happen…” I boast, still lying on my back, stark naked.
“Is it an abomination to be examined by a male doctor?” The doctor asked me.
“You still dey hia dey ask me question…una nor fit bring woman?” I ask.
The doctor ignored me and waited for the nurses to arrive. When the nurses entered the examination room, he turned to face them.

“The man says he’s her friend and that she was found at a nearby garbage disposal and… that he doesn’t know her medical history.” One of the nurses supplied.
“I am the only doctor on duty and she has refused to let me examine her. I have no choice but to comply to her wishes… please tell him to take her to another hospital.
The nurses hastily helped me dress and wheeled me out of the examination room. As they wheeled me out, they snickered.
"You dey shout because you see male doctor... you be virgin?" Smirked one of the nurses.
"Which kain? Look at her na, she resemble decent gial? No be all these gials wey dey waka like tyre wey no get vehicle so..."
"She no ready for treatement, make she dey go jare..." Said the first nurse.
As soon as Solo saw the nurses wheel me in, he stood up from the chair and hurried towards us.
“What did the doctor say?” Solo asked.
“Hmmm…the doctor says you should send her to another hospital.”
“Why?” Solo asks.
“She refused that he examines her.” The nurse replied.
“Senorita! Why didn’t you let the doctor examine you?” Solo asked me in concern.
I struggle to sit on my bottom and face Solo. Trying hard to whisper, I say,
“The doki wan see my bodi…na so I no gree…”
“What did you say?” Solo asked, finding it hard to understand the slurry words that left my mouth.
“The doki be wan to…tori…na so me no gree…” I whispered again.
“Speak up Senorita, you need immediate medical attention…” Solo demands, his eyes almost ablaze in anger.
“Doki wan climb me na so I no gree!!!” I screamed aloud.
Everyone in the hospital stared at me astounded. I drowsily jump down from the stretcher, straighten my dress with my hands and walk out through the entrance of the hospital.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hi Guys,

I was really moved by the story of this cute angel and that's why I am posting this on my blog. Please help her anyway you can. 

11 month old Faith Ayomide Adeyemo has been diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, which is a rapidly developing cancer that develops from the immature cells of the retina.  We ask all friends and family to please help in any way you can.
Family and friends are using the social outlets to raise funds for the expensive treatments Faith is currently receiving.. Her parents can not afford to pay for the bills out their pockets.. She already went through the medical procedure and one of her eyes was removed to eliminate the cancerous cells and prevent future cells from spreading. We have 9 days to raise and to come up with the rest for Faith to further her treatments.. GOD ALMIGHTY WILL INTERVENE IN ALL OUR MATTERS AS WE HELP KEEP FAITH..
Let’s spread the word and help raise as much funds as we can to assist the Adeyemo family in medical expenses.  Have a little FAITH, in baby Faith!

Thank you!

Please find the link to her site here for contributions: 
Such a cute little Angel...

Monday, March 17, 2014

YAY! I got nominated...

While I was on my very long break I got nominated for the Liebsters award by an amazing professional make-up artist, Chinazor Ezeh 

Now, to do this, there are certain rules to play by…….

·       You must link the person’s blog who nominated you for the award.
·       Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you.
·       Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with UNDER 200 blog followers.
·       You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.
·       You must inform the nominees that have been nominated.

This is my first nomination ever and I’m excited… triple Yay!!! Thanks Chinazor. Below are her questions and my answers.

1.       How long have you been blogging and what do you love most about it?
I started my first blog in September 2013 and I think I love the fact that I can create a world of fictitious characters and make them look real.

2.      Describe yourself in 3 words.
Very lively, Stubborn and God fearing.

3.      Who is your favourite Nigerian blogger?
This answer would sound weird to some people but I love Stella Dimoko. She adds spice to every one of her posts.

4.      What are 3 special things most people don't know about you?
·         I could be walking down the street and see a poor beggar or someone that doesn’t look well fed and apart from giving alms, I take time to pray for that person because if I don’t, I feel bad all day.
·         I get excited by my friends’ successes and can’t stop boasting about it.
·         I love praying, I could spend the whole day on my knees.

5.      What keeps you going in life?

6.      If you were to choose between being a tree and a car, which would you be? Give reasons.
       A tree because it grows and the ability to grow is the biggest opportunity one can ever have.

7.     If you were allowed to speak to President Jonathan one-on-one and ask him just 2 questions, what would you ask him? (You berrer answer!)
       Haha… my questions will be; ‘How do you feel whenever you Google your name and see bad comments about you? And why hasn’t the crisis in the North been resolved?’

8.If you had just 3 words left to speak in your life, what would you say?
            Thank You Jesus.

9.  Which Nigerian celeb would you raid her wardrobe if you could?
   Agbani Darego… she's so fly...

10.What totally creeps you out?
There are these caterpillars that come out during rainy season especially places that have lots of trees, I get goosebumps when I see them and itch all day.

11.   What is most important to you in life?
God, Family, myself.

Hope you enjoyed reading my answers, now I’ll nominate special blogs to pass on the torch…


I’ve answered all my questions, here are my 11 questions…

1.       What do you love about blogging?

2.      Would you say your blog reflects your persona?

3.      What trait of yours do people find impressive?

4.      Describe yourself in one word.

5.      Do you love fashion? What’s your style?

6.      What motivates you?

7.      What movie can drag you to the cinemas?

8.     Do you have any favourite foods?

9.      If you were to be a car, what kind of car would you be and why?

1.  Diamond ring or gold ring?

 .. What that thing you've always wanted but never gotten?


Image source:

I didn't know I had been sleeping till I felt a heavy bag thrown over my body. ‘Had I been dreaming?’ I asked myself as I fuzzily recalled Johnny and Benson and the time we had spent together at the back of the dry cleaning office. My thighs were still sore from the exercise.
Suddenly, someone shouted and I suddenly jerked up.
“Na woman ooo…” 
I opened my eyes to an unbelievable sight. I was at the top of a great garbage heap, my body oozed of rotten foods and rodents and I was half-naked.
“Chai…na only God fit helep him pikins dem ooo… see de fine gial wey carry herself come dorty…” Said one man.
"You no sure say she never craze?" Asked another man.
I stood up and almost fell, I was weaker than I imagined and the world seemed to rotate around me. ‘Where am I? Where are Johnny and Benson?’ I asked myself.
“De gial be like pesin wey nor know wetin she dey do hia ooo…” One young boy said.
I took a step forward and fell down, rolling down the heap in the process. I eventually ended my fall at the bottom of the garbage heap and everyone made way. I was in familiar territory, the garbage disposal place was quite close to my office. I immediately picked myself up and ran off wildly through the streets. You should have seen the crowd of people that followed me as I dashed wildly to the office I shared with Johnson. It was at the early hours of the morning and the sun wasn't up yet but most people were already out of their homes heading either for work or school. My race ended at the frontage of my office and as soon as I reached it, I fell to the ground, screaming and in tears;

“Johnny ooo…Benson ooo…”
People kept staring at me and I pointed at the door to the office while I spoke to them;
“Na hia we dey yestaday ooo… we even totori for back… I nor know wia dem dey, abeg God, make sometin no happen to dem ooo.” I continued.
“Dis na craze ooo… u sure say dis gial no need deliverance?” One lady asked.
I stood up, ran to the door and started banging hard at the gate.
“Johnny… Benson…”
One man walked out of the back of the office and stared at me in disgust.
“Who are you and why are you wailing in front of my shop.” The man asked.
“Na lie…no be your shop be dis! Na me and my oga get dis shop…I be im seke for hia.”
“You are crazy… look at you. What makes you believe I’ll listen to what you say… dirty pig. There is no one here, this shop has been empty for the past three months. I traveled and just came back yesterday so as far as I am concerned, you have no point.”
I wail loudly and roll on the floor in my dirty state as the owner of my office pushed me away from his property.
Soon, huge vans pulled up to the scene and a young lady ran up to me with a microphone and a camera man at her heels. The camera man zoomed his camera on me while the girl spoke into her microphone.
“We are here at a scene in Mobo housing estate where a young girl was found in a nearby garbage heap. The girl in question is here and she has been crying for the past thirty minutes. BAT TV brings you the juiciest news of the day, we beat the bloggers at their craft." She said, pausing for a while to smile into the camera. She quickly continued her report.
"When we received the news this morning from a concerned pedestrian, we rushed quickly to the scene and unfortunately, the girl had left the garbage heap and had ended her journey at a nearby building, let’s listen to what she has to say.” Turning to me, the reporter spoke, “Hello young lady, could you please tell us what happened?”

I look up at the camera and the lady and I burst into tears, I had somehow managed to gather a large crowd and I wailed louder so that a lot of people could come. I needed to ask people where Johnny and Benson were and whether I’ll still keep my job as a secretary, I needed answers.
“Na yestaday ooo… na today … no yestaday… I don even forget sef…” I launched into the tale of how I started working for Johnny and how it all happened.
The noise from the crowd was deafening as they shouted;
Other’s shouted;
“Na 419 ooo…Touch and Go!”
I didn't understand what they were saying till the reporter faced the camera with her final speech.
“This is a sad case of 419 also known as false people, swindlers or crooks. This young girl seems to have just come for the first time into the city of Lagos and it’s a pity that she fell into the hands of shallow minds. From what we hear, she was duped and even used… such a sad story. Thank you guys for watching, this is Funke, reporting for BAT TV. Don’t forget to sit glued to your television sets as we bring to you the hottest news on the continent.”

As soon as the reporter finished, she whispered some soothing words in my ears and walked away. People dispersed as they came till I was left alone. I cried loudly and beat myself on the ground till I fell asleep.


Hi Guys...

How can I explain my absence? It's a long and boring me and since I'm not a good story teller, I'll stick to the basics and ask y'all about the long break. I hope everyone is fine and happy to start the new week.
This week, I'll try doing a little catch-up and post twice. I'll post today and on Thursday too...
I am so grateful to God that I'm alive and well, it's been Him all the way!!!
May God continue to protect you all...Amen.

The next post is : 'MUGU'
I hope you enjoy it...xoxo