Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Return!

The days passed in a blink of an eye and while Oga Landlord did my every whim, his wives made my life difficult. We lived in peace however and while I waited for my wedding date to be set, I was busily taking my wifely roles seriously. I had just turned on the television in the sitting room when I heard a knock at the door, I shrugged my shoulders and ignored the knock. I heard the knock a second time then a third but still ignored it. Suddenly, Iya Segun bursts out of the kitchen soaked in sweat and raining insults at me, she heads to the door and opens it.
“Omo mi….Segun!” She exclaims in delight as she hugs the young man who had just stepped into the house.
I turn to look at the young man and freeze in recognition. The world indeed is a small place. Lo and behold, Iya Segun was hugging my doctor. I stand up on wobbly feet and walk towards the young man who stares at me in shock.
“Senorita?” Segun says.
“Doctor Gerald.” I whisper silently. I couldn’t believe I was staring at the doctor from the mental institution.
“Senorita? Is this really you? I looked everywhere for you…” He started.
“Doki…na waka ooo…na booth I enter come find myself for far place.” I sob.
“What is the meaning of this? Wetin be dis one na? Abeg no near my son abegi.”Iya Segun screamed.
“Calm down mom…” Doctor Gerald said as he turned to face me. In a quiet voice, he said to me. “I have been so worried about you. And do pardon my mom's manners, I'm her favourite son and here at home, I'm popularly known as Segun. But is this really you?”
“Yes Docki…na me be dis ooo.”
At this point Mama Jibunoh had walked in on us. The way she clapped her hands signaled that she was in shock over fact that I and Segun were friends.
“Wetin dem dey talk? How dis one come know Segun?” Mama Jibunoh asked with anger in her voice.
“Hmmmm…dis one pass me ooo.” Shouted Iya Segun as she walked over to the sofa and sat down, with her chin in her hands.

Segun, fully aware of the confusion our discussion has made on his mother and step-mom, turned to them and said.
“Sorry Mummys, Senorita used to be my patient at the facility where I work.”
His mother stood up and holding her head, she screamed.
“Yekpa! Dis gial? Segun, nor be for mental hospital you dey work?”
“Yes ma…that’s where I work.” Segun answered innocently.
Iya Segun slowly broke into a dance and Mama Jibunoh joined her, not really knowing why they were dancing. Segun was confused and I decided to bite my nails in confusion.
“This gial…na your papa ‘new wife’ ooo... God don answer all my prayers, ya papa nor go marry mad woman, nor be for dis house ooo.” Iya Segun proclaimed with loud shouts of joy.
“What? My father’s wife? Senorita?” Segun asked in confusion.
“Yes ooo…but there’s good news!” Shouted Iya Segun.
At that moment, oga landlord steps into the sitting room. His face glows as soon as he sees his son Segun.
“Segun! Ahhh Welcome home my son!” Oga landlord booms.
Segun’s face couldn’t unregister the shock he felt moments ago but he walked over to his father and bent in greeting.
After long pleasantries have been exchanged, Iya Segun began to speak.
“My husband…Segun carry news come!”
“What kind of news?” Oga landlord asked.
“Heheheheeee...” Iya Segun laughed heartily.
At that point I had started scratching my hair, I turned to stare at everyone and they all seemed to stare at Iya Segun.
“I think I need to rest a bit…it’s been a long day.” Segun said.
“Nooo…please ooo, we must to expose this girl. She nor fit come here dey form madam wey she nor be.” Iya Segun said.
“Wait…I hope say nor be my new wife you dey run mouth for like tap.” Oga landlord warned.
“Hahahahaha… darling…” Iya Segun mocked. “Na kolo you keep for house ooo. Na mental case you wan marry so…”
Oga landlord stared at Iya Segun as he tried to comprehend her words.
“Wetin you dey talk?” Oga landlord demanded from his wife.
“Your son Segun talk say, he don treat Senorita for his mental clinic before.” Iya Segun said excitedly.
“Wetin dat one come mean?” Oga landlord asked.
“Hehehe….so you never understand the tori wey I dey yarn so…” Iya Segun mocked.
“Abegi…if you nor wan finish ya gist, carry yaself comot for my front.” Oga landlord said and turned to his son. “Segun…welcome, shebi you go stay reach two weeks.”
“I’ll be here for just one week or less…” Segun said quietly still unnerved by his discovery.
“Oya go cook food for ya pikin kia kia…carry Senorita join body…she need pesin wey go teach am to cook sef.” Oga Landlord said.
“Ahhhh… my food nor dey sweet you?” I asked quietly.
“My sweetie…your food dey sweet me well well…” Oga landlord said to me.
“What’s the meaning of this? Daddy…what are you doing with Senorita?” Segun asked, then turning to me, he asked. “Senorita! What are you doing in my house?”
“Truth to God…I nor know say na ya house be dis and na you I dey find when I commot for hospital sef…na even dat time I comot from Lagos!” I stammer. “I nor even know say Dr. Gerald be de same pesin as Segun.”
“Daddy…this girl is my patient and her life is too complicated and…” Segun started.
“Which gial? My wife? You nor know wetin you dey talk…abeg comot for my front jare. Senorita sweetie…make we enter room.” Oga landlord beckoned to me.

I hurry over to his side not really knowing whether to stay or leave. Dr. Gerald had been my crush while at the institution and now, I was about to get married to his father. How did my life get this complicated?


  1. Hi Adaeze, was your Dad a contributor with HINTS(Fatherhood with Ibeh)? I think his daughter's name was Adaeze.

  2. Hi Scarlet. No he's not my Dad.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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