Monday, June 2, 2014

Baby Oku Spot!

I walk down the street determined to put the past solidly behind me. I felt betrayed, ‘how could doctor Gerald do this to me? And oga landlord, after his promises of marriage?’ I asked myself as I saunter down the street. I had walked for over two hours when from nowhere, heavy drops of rain began to fall, I quickly took shelter at a nearby stall and from the looks of the heavy dressed women in the stall, I knew I quickly needed to take permission.
Pushing the light curtain which barricaded the interior of the stall from view, I peeked into the stall.
“Good aftun sisters…abeg I fit stand hia till rain stop?” I asked one of the ladies, whose make-up almost ran down her face.
“You see any pesin wey dey stand for dis stall? Abi na you build am?” The lady asked me as she stepped out of the stall till she was standing close to me.
I carefully look around me and notice that I was the only one taking shade at the stall, all the other pedestrians stood far away from the stall.
“Who be dis chick?” Asked a light skinned lady who came out to join her.
The two ladies were very skimpy dressed and had strong scents of perfume on them. 
“I nor know de kain rat wey enter our stall ooo…abi na maggi we dey sell?” Another busty lady emerged from the stall and towered over me.
I fall to my kneels in a plea.
‘Sister…madam abeg nor vex…I go comot…abeg nor vex…”
“Kneel down for dia…born fool.” Shouted the busty lady.
“Na wia you from come? Wia you dey go?” Asked the first lady I encountered.
“Na my husband pursue me from house…” I say quietly.
“Hehhehehe…im catch you for on top man?” Another lady asked.
“No…ahhh… I nor be ashewo ooo.” I say.
“Wetin you talk? You nor be wetin?” Screamed the busty lady.
“I talk say…I nor be ashewo…” I continue but was cut short by a slap.
“See dis mumu ooo…na wia you dey? Na wetin dem dey call dis joint?” The fair lady asked.
“Dis na ‘Baby Oku spot’ alias ashewo joint…abi you nor dey dis area?” Asked another lady who had emerged from the stall and whose hips seemed to stretch on forever.
“Ahhhh….” I scream and clamp my mouth shut.

“Why you dey shout? You be JJC? Na wia you from come?” Asked the busty lady.
“I be Senorita…” I said with a shaky voice.
“You be wetin? Senorat?” Asked the busty lady.
“Senorita!” I echo.
“See fine name wey dis gial give herself. Come…come first, na ya mama give you dat name?” Asked the fair lady.
I nod and get a slap on the head, my ears were already ringing.
“Ahhh…Awero, Olopa dey come ooo…abeg make we sharp hustle dis gial inside…” Said the first woman I spoke to.
I was dragged into the stall with scattered tables and chairs, I walked over to sit on one chair when the chair was dragged away and I was forced to kneel on the ground. One of the women collected my small bag and sniffed through its contents.
“Idiat…who send you come? Talk now or we go dash you give police.” Said the fair lady.
“Auntie I beg.” I sob.
“Shat up…I resemble ya mama sister? Or na for yellow levels? Abeg hold ya own dia.” The fair lady spat.
“We fit use dis gial do our small waka ooo…dat man wey get biar biar wey me and am do for yesterday nor give me shi shi. I fit send dis gial make she go collect my money from am.” Said one of the ladies.
“We must first see say, dis gial nor be spy…because if she be spy ehn…our own don finish for Lagos ooo.” Said the busty lady.
“Madam,…I nor be spy…I swear.” I said as I touched the ground with the tip of my finger and touched my tongue.
“Who give you permission to speak? Hold ya lips!” Shouted the busty lady whose name I learnt was Awero and who obviously headed their leader.
I held my lips and stared at them with pleading eyes.
“You be virgin?” Asked the busty woman.
I nodded and then after second thoughts, I shook my head.
“Which one you be, virgin or not?” Asked the busty woman again.
“I be virgin…ma.” I reply.
“So man never touch you.” The busty lady added.
“Ha…I don get plenty man friend…dem dey touch me na…I for marry…” I was cut short with a quick slap.
“I ask you question if you be virgin or not, you talk say you be virgin. Now you come dey yarn rubbish.”
“I think say virgin na wen person don mature finish…” I reply.
The women fell down in heaps of laughter.
“Born fool.”
They all rained insults at me. Suddenly, everywhere fell silent as through the thin curtain at the entrance of the stall, we could see the policeman walk towards us.
“Quick! Hustle am go inside…make I settle olopa.” Whispered Awero.

I was quickly taken to the back of the stall where I saw that there were a scattering of rooms. Immediately I got in, the door was shut behind me and latched, I was left there alone. Quietly I walked to the bed in the room and lay down till sleep claimed me.

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  1. Hmmmm...Baby Oku spot, can this girl cease with the drama? But I enjoy it tho...she's not the typical girl on the streets of Lagos!
    Ride on Ada...the sky is your starting point...


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