Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Early the next day, I was taken to a very large sitting room and for the first time in my life I was staring at more than fifty beautiful ladies. My mouth hung agape as they tried hard not to look at me, I didn't really know what was going on, all I knew was, I had to join these ladies, even if it was the last thing I ever did.
The door to the on of the rooms opened and two ladies walked out followed by Fola who was striped naked and who had her hands bound in a thick rope. She stared at the ground careful not to look at anyone and I sensed her fear, today was her judgement day. Another door opened and Madame stepped out in an all white outfit. She looked like a queen and I instantly became afraid as well, I really didn't understand what I had gotten Fola into. Immediately Madame stepped out, all the ladies fell to the ground in prostrate, it was as though she really was queen of their world, I too fell in prostrate as well, I did as they did.
Fola was pushed to the middle of the circle we had made and she fell to the ground on her knees. Madame looked at her angrily and spoke;
"You have betrayed have betrayed out trust."
"I am sorry Madame. You have done so much for me and I really enjoyed serving you but I didn't...I couldn't. I realized that the new girl didn't understand what she was getting into that was why I had to try to let her escape. If only I knew that she wasn't interested in leaving!" Fola said quietly.
"You know what comes with your actions...disgrace! All your properties seized! You will be thrown out into the streets, naked as the day you came." Madame shouted.

"Mercy Madame, please forgive me. My family have lived the life of comfort for too long and I can't let anything destroy their happiness. Whatever you ask, I will do. Kill me if you must but don't let your anger burn my family especially my mother." Fola cried.
"I won't spill more blood on my hands, I am not interested in killing you. You would have pulled off your plan unsuspectingly if the girl Senorita didn't speak up or alert everyone to your deeds." Madame said.
As soon as I heard my name, I felt obliged to speak.
" God oo...I for run comot with am if not for de money wey I see for inside room..." I started.
"Will you shut that dirty mouth of yours?" Madame barked at me.
"My mouth? E nor dorty na...abi I brush am dis morning." I continue.
The other ladies look at me in shock, they wondered how i could speak to Madame with no iota of fear.
“Can someone slap this twart’s face?” Madame thundered.
One of the ladies beside me hammered me with a resounding slap. I was taken aback, I turned back to the lady and slapped her.
“How you go slap me? Na wetin she talk you must to do? Who you be sef?” I panted.
The lady stared at me in surprise and turned to look at the Madame in question.
“We only brought you out here to testify, that’s all, and not to talk when you’re not spoken to.”Madame said.
“You suppose happy say I dey talk…for my village pesin nor dey hia my voice. Na so I go just quiet like sheep.” I said.
Madame rolled her eyes in exasperation and continued speaking to Fola, ignoring me completely.
“If you had a problem with a customer, all you had to do was inform me and I’ll take care of it. You shouldn't have told Chi about it and plotted to take my new recruit from me. For this, I am cutting your ties from this sisterhood for good.” Said Madame who brought out a scissors from her pocket and walked up to Fola. Taking Fola’s hands in her hand, she cut loose the ropes that bound her.
In that instant, Fola fell to the floor in a heap and after a while, stood up, her eyes looked glazed and spittle rolled down the sides of her mouth. Fola suddenly shrieked in laughter and ran round the room, she had run mad. Some guards walked in at that point and took her away.
There was complete silence as everyone shivered in fear, ‘how did Madame do that?’ I thought to myself. Immediately I started shaking like a leaf and felt sweat trickle down my spine. Madame turned to us.
“This is the beginning and the end of your journey. Disappoint me and get the treatment of a dog, impress me and get everything you want, cars, houses, luxury, gifts…everything. Anyone else that goes behind my back after taking the oath will run mad in the streets of Lagos till she’s dead. Do I make myself clear?”
‘Yes Madame.” Everyone replied.
Turning to the two girls who had brought in Fola into the room, she said;
“Follow up on my lawyer, have him prepare to confiscate Fola’s properties. Her family must be out on the streets by noon tomorrow.”
The girls nodded and Madame continued.
“As for the new girl, Senorita, get her prepared for the oath. She joins us officially today.”     
Immediately those words left her mouth, I fell to the ground in a dead faint.                        


  1. fake faint! use ya brain u igit!

  2. Haha lol...
    Thanks for reading Fab!

  3. Adaeze u know how 2 write o. The suspense is something else. I check in everyday 2 see how far. Just like telemundo am hooked. Weldone.


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