Monday, July 14, 2014

In Or Not?

I was sound asleep when I heard the door open and someone sneak into the room. I felt a hand clamp my mouth shut and I opened my eyes wide but couldn’t see anything because the room was dark. However, I felt someone close to me.
“Shhh…it’s me. I couldn’t sleep…I had to do right by my conscience.” A female voice which I recognized as Fola’s whispered.
“Hmm…” I moaned.
“I will remove my hand from your mouth but you have to promise me not to scream. I am in enough trouble as it is, I do not want you to step into our shoes, it’s not the most comfortable option.” Said Fola.
I nodded, hardly understanding the grammar she spoke but knowing that she wanted to help me escape as she had said to Chi earlier in the day. She removed her hand from my mouth and I stood up from the bed. My legs still ached from the pricks of the bottles which had pierced my feet some weeks ago and I limped behind her as we left the room. I realized that Madame’s house was so large by the time we had tiptoed through different passage ways and had not still left the house. Fola placed her finger on her lips and motioned that do not say a word and I nodded in compliance. We had just crossed to another passage way when one of the doors to the numerous rooms opened and Fola hurriedly opened a nearby room door and shoved me inside. I landed in a large pile of bundles and I wondered what that was but since the light was turned off, I didn’t know what it was. I heard voices coming from the passage and I was able to hear what was said.
“Fola…what are you doing up at this time of the night? What are you doing in our section?” A female voice asked.
“Tonia…I am so sorry my footsteps woke you up. My phone has been misbehaving lately and the service has been poor. I was looking for where to get better network.” Fola answered, feigning a yawn.
“Okay…these service providers sha. But come ooo…so Madame let you hold on to a phone. She seized mine and some of the girls when she found out that men were contacting us behind her back.” The girl confided.
“Really? How come I did not hear of that?”
“Well…that’s why I don’t have a phone now. But you know…Madame’s prices are too high. She charges these men a whole lot for our services and they complain. She doesn't even let us spend extra time with them, once our time is up, the guards take us away.”
“Well, that hasn’t been my case. Madame gave me permission to take anyone of her cars out of the compound so, I have been doing her business on my watch.”
“Lucky you! Wow you’re a big chic. I pray to be promoted to your level ooo. How’s your mom?”
“She’s fine, I built her a house in the village so, she’s there now.” Fola said.
My eyes widened in shock. So Madame has been enriching these girls lives and now, Fola didn’t want me to benefit from it. Slowly I rose from the bundle and walked to the door, straining to hear what was said. The room was too dark so using my hands I felt for the light socket, it was placed on the wall to my right. I located the switch and turned on the light, the room was instantly flooded in brightness. I opened my mouth in shock as I stared about the room. From the top of the walls to the bottom were huge bundles of notes, ranging from foreign to Nigerian currency. I clamped my mouth shut with my hands to stop myself from screaming.
“So dis na wetin dis yeye gial no want make I chop…chei people wicked sha ooo.” I whisper.
I turn about again and stare at the room in amazement, the money in the room was more than enough to reform my village. I screamed aloud and pushing open the door, I run out of the room.
Words could not express the shocking expression on Fola and Tonia's face as they saw me.
“Chei…na so you wan chop leave me abi? I go show you say, two fit play dis game.” I yell at Fola.
"What are you talking about? Who are you?" Fola asked, acting as though she didn't know me.
"Who is she? What is she doing in our mini strong room? No one enters there." Tonia said, sounding more shocked.

"Ahhhh na dis Fola geh ooo...she waka come meet Chi for afternoon, she talk say she wan helep me escape. Na so she come carry me wen I dey sleep..." I say, pointing at Fola.
" you know this girl? What is she talking about?" Tonia asks in anger.
"No I don't...I've...never seen her in my life." Fola stammered.
"How does she know your name? You are in are in deep shit!" Tonia declared.
The doors to the rooms opened and different sizes of ladies flooded out to the corridor, some guards came as well and everyone looked more shocked than the other.
“Fola want carry me comot from dis kain chopito. You don jam today…ya plan don enter voice mail…” I continue screaming at Fola and clapping my hands. “Help ooo….make una come carry me ooo…I wan join una, if na dis kain money una dey make, I want am ooo. Me wan build better house for my mama for village ooo.” I scream aloud.
Fola knew her bubble had burst, immediately she tries to run but was caught by the hefty thugs. 
I was quickly led away by three ladies who were whispering amongst themselves that they had to take me to Madame.

“I wan join una…abeg carry me go take oath ooo…I wan swear! I must swear today!” I yell.


  1. Hahahhaha, Senorita no big dodoyo, mumu girl!

    You're such a fab writer, I had a to come out and drop a comment today

  2. Thank You so much Young Grumbler for commenting today. God bless u...

  3. Pls na give senorita some sense. ℓ‎=Dℓ‎​​​

  4. Seriously, sense needed!

    1. Yes she does need sense.

      Thanks for reading anon.


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