Thursday, December 19, 2013

Forward ever! Backward never!

“Ahhhhh….” I exclaim as I fall to my kneels in pleas and tears.
Lagos looks at me in disdain and shakes his head in pity.
“So you wan join dem kee me abi? Wetin I do you?” Lagos looks at me and asks.
“You don give me everything Oga Lagos, you buy me bra sef and I nor beg you for am…” I cry hard.
“Kai Senorita!!!” Lagos exclaims and walks towards the hut.
I panic and try to run but find out that I am stuck, my knees cannot move and I can’t even raise my legs, I am trapped again under his spell and I don’t know how to run away from him.
Suddenly I hear the loud blares of goats from inside the hut and my heart stops in fear, ‘did Lagos turn Taiwo and Kehinde to goats?’ I ask myself in panic. This was all too much, I want to go to Lagos, I miss the life there where there exists only people with sane minds, I almost say out loud.
Almost immediately, the two boys emerge from the hut and I breathe feely again and silently thank God that their lives were spared. Oga Lagos followed behind with two heavy whips in his hands, the two boys start crying loudly and every sound they make match animalistic noises. ‘Did Lagos change their voices?’ I ask myself as they saunter towards me.
“Taiwo! Kehinde! Una dey okay?” I ask.
“Maaaaahhhh….” Blurted Kehinde with tears in his eyes.
“Ahhh….Lagos, abeg no do dis to dem na…abeg free dem.” I beg.
The heat emanating from Lagos’s gaze terrifies me as he raised his hands with the whip and begin flogging the boys who dashes off still making animalistic noises. When he returns and stares me in the face, I cringe in fear and apprehension.
“Na wetin you wan make I do you now?” Lagos asks.
“Nothing.” I whisper.
“You think say I dey play? Wetin you want make I do you?” He screams again at me.
“Abeg send me go Lagos…” I wail, not able to take it anymore.
“Na Lagos you dey so.” He screams at me.
“You dey craze? Dis place be like Lagos?” I snap.
“You still get mouth to talk abi? You wan make I turn you to yam?” He asks.
I shake my head in fear, tears rolls down my cheeks and I feel slightly feverish. He looks at me in disdain and shakes his head the umpteenth time.
“You go sleep for outside today, for morning if my temper don cool, I go carry you go inside wia you go show me love.” Lagos says.
“I nor dey like ya mess mess…” I cry.
“Gerrout…which kain mess mess, make I even go drink my pile medicine.” Oga Lagos croaks.
I suddenly have reason to smirk as Oga Lagos walks over to the pot where I had just concluded my nasty business, and using the cup beside the pot, he scoops the potion and drinks it up. Wrinkling his nose disdainfully, he throws the cup hastily to the ground, farts loudly and complains about how everything suddenly tastes like shit and walks into his hut.
I remain on my knees and let the tears fall, ‘how did I get into this mess’ I ask myself, while I feel a drop of rain slam down on my nose, then softly it begins to fall. Something happened that changed my perception of the rain for good, I could miraculously move my legs. I almost screamed in delight, the rain dissolved whatever charm was used on me. I jump up from my position on the floor and dash off wildly into the bushes, a heavy thunder crackled and even though I could hardly see, I was determined to reach Lagos today. I had run quite far and the rain had trickled down to a mere drizzle when I heard voices quite familiar, quietly I tiptoe towards the sound of the voices and I was amazed at what I saw. There in the midst of a very scanty bush were two young men dancing in the rain and singing loudly at the top of their voices, to my utter chagrin, they were the same two boys who had just left Lagos’s hut barely two hours ago and surprisingly, they were not sounding like animals, ‘did the rain destroy the charm used on them too?’ I asked myself as I made a mental note to meet up with them and rejoice along as well. But something held me back, they suddenly started talking.

“Dat Lagos wife don see sha…” Laughed Kehinde.
“Na sooo…e be like say Oga Lagos don do dat im small magic wey e use catch Fredo last week.” Laughed Taiwo.
The two boys laughed in glee.
“Fredo be wan tiff Oga Lagos plantain, na so im hand hook for tree.”Laughed Kehinde.
“Dis him wife no get sense at all. Na so Oga Lagos tell us make we dey do like say im don turn us to goat and she come believe ooo… idiot!” Laughed the Taiwo.
“Which kain? Even Eledo no fit turn pesin to monkey talkless of Oga Lagos wey im medicine no dey work.” Said Kehinde.
I was speechless, these boys and Oga Lagos had played me for a fool.
“How we go share our money na?” Taiwo asked.
“Which money?” Kehinde asked.
“De money wey Oga Lagos give us…shebi him tell us say na im chop de rabbit wey our trap catch.” Taiwo said.
“Yes ooo and he come give us money for compensate, wey am?” Kehinde asked.
“You dey craze? No be you put am for pocket?”Taiwo echoed.
“You dey insult me? You born fool…” Said Kehinde.
The two boys began to fight, quickly I scanned the area in search of the trousers of the boys as they were half naked under the flicker of the rain. Spotting them less than a few feet beside me, I tiptoe and take them from the small shrub they had been tossed on, my search began as I rapidly pulled out the bundle of notes Oga Lagos had given the boys. As quickly as I came, I disappeared as I ran faster than my legs could carry me muttering under my breath. "Lagos forward ever, backward never."

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*Just to say a very huge thank you for walking on this journey with Senorita and me, I can’t appreciate you guys enough and I pray that the new year 2014, will never find you wanting in Jesus name. God bless you all so much and much love…xoxo

My series will continue on the 13th of January 2014, thank you for being there and Merry Christmas in advance.


  1. Enjoyed the series so far...even though I dont comment :) Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas...have fun xoxo


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