Monday, February 10, 2014

Business Proposal

"What was you doing there? How come you left the office unattending?" Asked Johnny silently.
'Oga, na wetin I wan yarn u be dat! Na so de gial run comot afta I be don write receipt, me sef I come follow am oo... I no fit shout." I reply breathlessly.
"Do you knew how much customers I lose now? I came into the office and what did I saw? A bunch of people! How dared you left dem unattended? Do you want a dose of my resignation letter?"He shouted.
 I fell on my knees before him and pleaded.
"Ahh...Oga no resignation me ooo...I take God beg you. Na ya hand I dey abeg."
"Look at the times, it's already knocking at three pm. Because of this, you'll work weekends whether you like it or never!"
"Yes sir! Sure sir!" I nod as I hurry back to my seat.
I had just returned from my wild-goose chase. I was lucky to have found a good samaritan who showed me the way back to my office after I had spent over three hours in the kiosk shade.
I looked at the clock and sighed, it was some minutes past three already and my stomach growled with hunger. Johnny had walked out on me and I didn’t want to annoy him again.
 Some minutes later, a young man walked into the office, he addressed me;
"Young lady, I have come to see Johnny, is he on seat?"
"Seat? You see am for on top seat?" I ask perplexed.
"Is he in the office?"
"You blind so? Shio...u see am for hia?" I reply rudely.
"Well I am here to deliever a package for him. My name is Benson and I borrowed some money from him some months ago and now, I have made millions from his money. I want to return the amount he gave me with interest. Here is the envelope containing the money, I hope it reaches its destination." The man said.
My eyes widened as I stretch out my hands to retrieve the heavy package from him but he made no move to give it to me.
"You sure say na money dey for inside dis big envelope?" I ask in eager excitement.
"Yes it is... I can't believe it myself, I am now a millionaire."
"Ehenn...dis one na miracle ooo...Oga, if dem don pay me ehn... I for borrow you money, make you helep me bring enof come ooo..."
"You don't even need 2 lend me money, just join in the business and you can make millions of money."
"You no mean am!"
"I'm not kidding...I have made millions with just five thousand naira."

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"Chei...Five thousand?" I ask wide-eyed
"Yes...if I knew earlier, I would have invested more..."
I was still baffled at the revelation that I didn't know when Johnny came in.
"Benson and Hedges!" Johnny hailed his friend.
"Johnny is a man!" Benson shouted in greeting.
"Omo you get levels ooo...see as you fine!" Shouted my boss Johnny, in pidgin English.
I didn't notice, I was too engrossed in the tale I had just heard.
"Men...I'm on another level. You should see my apartment now...I have made it big. Do you know what your money did for me?”
“What did it does?” Johnny asked, switching back to his weird form of English.
“My friend, I borrowed just five thousand naira from you but I have returned one hundred thousand naira!” Shouted Benson.
 I fell on the floor in shock and struggled to my feet again, Johnny and Benson rushed to help me up.
“Are you fine?” Johnny asked.
“Hope you didn’t hurt yourself dear?” Benson asked.
“No I dey okay…na just…me I no know say Lagos get dis kain money ooo…Oga Benson, I for borrow you money but I no get. If Oga Johnny fit give me my salary I for carry am give you. Chei! One hundred thousand wetin?” I ask wiping the sweat from my brows with my palms.
“You don’t need to give me money for the business. You could invest in the business yourself and make millions like I have made.” Benson said.
“Na how I go take do am na?” I asked.
“It’s not difficult, just make sure you are able to round up atleast one hundred thousand naira or more and pronto! You could be a winner in the quick cash business. I invested only fifty thousand naira and I am five million naira richer.”
His words blew me away.
“Hei…heiii…na so I go get money be dis ooo…but Oga Benson, I no get dat kain money oo…how I go manage am now?”
“Benson my friends, just hold on to my one hundred thousand nairas, please invests it in the businesses.” Johnny said.
“Abeg make I go find money…but wia I go find am? I no fit find am for house ooo… Solo na taxi driver, e no fit get one hundred thousand naira.”
“But you can borrow from your friends and comb his house through. Just search for any amount of money that you can get.”
“I no get anybody for Lagos ooo...”
“Solo has friends or hasn’t he?”
“Yes him get girlfriend…her papa na millionaire.”
“Now you’re talking…just go to Solo’s girlfriends house and get some money from there.”
“Ahh…dat girl wey no like me so. I no even know her house…na one day we go dia ooo. Me sef no even know Lagos wella.”
“Just rush home and hustle for the money before six pm this evening, by tomorrow, I will bring you five million naira cash.” Said Benson.
I jumped up, slapped my hands in the air and hit it on the ground. I quickly licked the dust off my palms. My eyes were charged up like those of the mad bull.

“I swear for my mama head say, I no go carry last for this waka…lai lai”


  1. I'm enjoying this series Ada. Keep up the good work.

  2. This girl Senorita is too foolish. Is there a way you could spice her up with education? I love the series though. Good job.


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