Tuesday, February 18, 2014


As I sprinted the long distance home, my mind was full. I had thought of how to raise the money within the very short period of time given to me by my boss’s friend and I was scared that I was about to lose the millions of naira I could make instantly. I reached the gate to Solo’s compound and sigh in relief, Solo was at home, I knew this because of his car parked outside the compound.
As soon as I barged into the house, the steamy scenario in the sitting room dissipated, Solo and his girlfriend Jenny had been locked up in a steamy love session and were obviously annoyed at the way I stormed in on them.
“Senorita!!!” Solo demanded, his eyes were flared and his lips were parted. I could see the slight lipstick stain on his lips. His shirt was unbuttoned and his belt was unfastened.
Jenny on the other hand, was the more immodest of the two, her breasts spilled halfway over the top of her blouse and her skirt had ridden up to her thighs.
“Chai!” Was all I could mutter.
“Next time, knock because this is not your house.” Spat Jenny.
I don’t reply her but hastily walk into the house and close the door behind me.
“My friend, can’t you see we’re busy? Wait outside for a while.” Solo said.
I nod in understanding and open the door and leave. I didn't blame them and neither was I angry with them, it was their house and I was simply the intruder. I had been given till seven pm to raise the money and there was little or no time left for me as it was almost five pm. Suddenly a thought formed in my head and I took a bold step towards Solo’s landlord’s rooms which was towards the far side of the compound. First of all I checked the windows to see if there was anyone around as I didn’t want to face his wife who always gave me the bad eye whenever she saw me. I prayed silently that I would meet the landlord alone and perhaps ask him to loan me some money for the business but to my dismay the rooms were locked from the outside showing that he wasn’t at home and neither were his family members. I walked back to the door leading to Solo’s room and pressed my head to the door in a bid to know if the love birds were through with their romance. As soon as my ears touched the door, I heard the conversation between Solo and Jenny.
“No! You know I can’t take this money from you. This could put you in serious trouble. Did your father give this to you?” Solo asked.
“No he didn’t… I took it from his room when he was having his bath this morning and…I’m not returning it.” Jenny sulked.
“You have to take it back…I won’t be a party to theft.” Solo said.
“Do you love me?” Jenny asked.
“You know I do.”
“Then take the money.” Jenny said.
There was a long pause and Jenny continued speaking.
“My love…please take it, I want to start a life with you and I need to commit to our relationship. The money is not too much… it’s two hundred and fifty thousand naira. Please start a business with it, I really want you to grow so that when I take you home to my parents, they wouldn’t see you as the driver who worked for them but as a young man with a prospective future.” Jenny cooed.
“If you insist but please know that I don’t really need this money… I’d rather you keep it but since you’ve decided to give it to me, I’ll hold on to it. I’ll keep it in my clothes box and pay it into my account tomorrow, thanks love, you’re a real gem.” Solo said.

I heard them kiss and I silently look upwards in thanks to God. I couldn't believe what was happening. The money I needed was suddenly getting into my palms, sooner than I expected.
After a while, I heard their footsteps as they approached the door and I quickly edged away, darting to a corner and sitting on the floor. The door open and they emerge.
“Senorita… I bought fish and tomatoes, please make some stew, I’m off to Festac to drop my baby.” Solo said.
“Huh huh…why didn’t you tell me you bought fish so that I could make the stew for you.” Jenny said.
“We were occupied, so I forgot…” Solo replied in smiles.
Jenny smiled back and they kissed again. I was so bitter, thoughts raced through my mind; ‘Hian! Dis Solo blind so? See de kain package wey dey im front so. E no see am, na de ozuo gial wey be like pesin wey don fry, na im e see so.’
They both disentangled from their kiss and jenny gave me that smile she usually dishes my way whenever she had to pass a message. The lovebirds left and headed outside to the car, I didn't even wait for the car to start, I was already headed to Solo’s bag of clothes. I found what I was looking for immediately I opened the bag, my eyes widened in surprise as the money was in a bundle of one thousand naira notes. I quickly glanced at the time and was alarmed to see that the time was already past six pm. I quickly grabbed the bundle of notes and not bothering to even latch the door of the house or wrapping the bundle of notes carefully before shoving them down my bra, I sprinted off.

I reached my work place in due time and Johnny and Benson were both there waiting for me.
“Quick girl, I knew you were too smart to let this opportunity slip by.” Benson hailed me.
There were no customers around and the office was almost dark as the lights weren't turned on.
I smile as I removed the bundle of notes from my bra and handed them over to him, Johnny smiled happily and drew me close for a hug.
“Senorita! You are greats!” Johnny bellowed.
“Tainks sir…” I replied still breathless from my long run.
“How much is here?” Johnny asked, his eyes twinkling in delight.
“Na two fiphty...thausandt…” I reply, still breathing heavily.
“My dear, na you biko…” Johnny said as he gave me a quick high-five and slapped my buttocks.
I smile and shyly look away, flattered that I have gotten the attention of my boss.
“Senorita! Sweet girl…this deserves a celebration.” Benson said as he too walked up to hold me affectionately.
 I was all smiles as I let them touch me and stroke my face and hair while whispering how beautiful I am. Sometime later, a bottle of wine appeared and I took a sip then another till my eyes were woozy and almost shut. All I could remember was Johnny and Benson all over me as they quietly peeled my clothes apart and carried me to the back of the building where we moved in rhythm till my bones were limp.


  1. I doubt I've ever heard of or seen someone as daft as this Senorita girl. Everyone who tries to help her always suffers. Solo should just kick her out jare, she needs to struggle on her own.
    Welldone Ada. Keep it coming!

  2. Hehehe...I am pretty sure there's only one Senorita in this world. Thank you dear

  3. Mehn dis Senorita nawa........Chai she 'smart' no be small. Opposite of smart is worrying her.
    Ada, thumbs up. Greater heights.

  4. Haha...she's really smart! Thanks Ayo. God bless.

  5. Nne, I just nominated you for a fun award game on my blog called the liebsters award. Please visit my blog for details.

  6. Wow! Adaeze did u write this? You are really a creative mind... I like the stories on ur blog. Why don't you publish them in hard copies and make money out of ur talent?

  7. Hi Chinazor... thank you so much. Will visit Asap.


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