Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Morning After!

“What happened? Is she alright?” Solo asked someone.
I didn’t know whom because I was still drowsy, probably due to the effects of the drink I had taken the day before with Johnny and Benson.
“Senorita! Oh my God! What happened to you?” Solo asked again as he proceeded to carry me into a waiting vehicle.
I felt fuzzy and weak. My limbs ached and I had started to feel dryness in my throat. As soon as my back touched the car seat, I weakly opened my eyes and stared at Solo, he looked so worried and disheveled.
“Where you want make I drop una?” Asked the driver of the vehicle.
“Please take us to Nazareth hospital. Thank you so much Joe, I really appreciate this.” Solo said to the driver.
“Na nothing na…no be taxi driver we be?”
Solo nodded in understanding.
Soon enough, we were at the hospital and a stretcher was brought. I lay on top of the flat surface of the stretcher as I felt pains rack my body. The nurses wheeled me into the examining room while Solo waited outside. There, I was stripped out of my clothes and cleaned of abrasions and cuts which weren’t many. Soon, a male doctor walked in to attend to me. Even in my dazed state, I was conscious and knew the happenings around me. As soon as the doctor walked into the room, my senses were alert. I started screaming.

“Na man ooo…”
The nurses stared at me in shock as they listened to my rantings.
“Abeg…wia my cloth? Na man dey see my yansh so…” I screamed.
“Did we admit a mad woman?” The doctor asked irritably.
“I don’t know doctor…” Answered one of the nurses.
“Who brought her in?”
“A man.” Answered the second nurse.
“Did you get a report from him?” The doctor asked.
“No doctor… we felt it was an emergency…”
“Please go and ask if she’s suffering from any form of mental disorder.” The doctor asked.
The nurses hurried away, leaving me with the doctor.
“You still dey hia abi? If na when Senorita be Senorita ehn…dis thing for no happen…” I boast, still lying on my back, stark naked.
“Is it an abomination to be examined by a male doctor?” The doctor asked me.
“You still dey hia dey ask me question…una nor fit bring woman?” I ask.
The doctor ignored me and waited for the nurses to arrive. When the nurses entered the examination room, he turned to face them.

“The man says he’s her friend and that she was found at a nearby garbage disposal and… that he doesn’t know her medical history.” One of the nurses supplied.
“I am the only doctor on duty and she has refused to let me examine her. I have no choice but to comply to her wishes… please tell him to take her to another hospital.
The nurses hastily helped me dress and wheeled me out of the examination room. As they wheeled me out, they snickered.
"You dey shout because you see male doctor... you be virgin?" Smirked one of the nurses.
"Which kain? Look at her na, she resemble decent gial? No be all these gials wey dey waka like tyre wey no get vehicle so..."
"She no ready for treatement, make she dey go jare..." Said the first nurse.
As soon as Solo saw the nurses wheel me in, he stood up from the chair and hurried towards us.
“What did the doctor say?” Solo asked.
“Hmmm…the doctor says you should send her to another hospital.”
“Why?” Solo asks.
“She refused that he examines her.” The nurse replied.
“Senorita! Why didn’t you let the doctor examine you?” Solo asked me in concern.
I struggle to sit on my bottom and face Solo. Trying hard to whisper, I say,
“The doki wan see my bodi…na so I no gree…”
“What did you say?” Solo asked, finding it hard to understand the slurry words that left my mouth.
“The doki be wan to…tori…na so me no gree…” I whispered again.
“Speak up Senorita, you need immediate medical attention…” Solo demands, his eyes almost ablaze in anger.
“Doki wan climb me na so I no gree!!!” I screamed aloud.
Everyone in the hospital stared at me astounded. I drowsily jump down from the stretcher, straighten my dress with my hands and walk out through the entrance of the hospital.


  1. Chooiiii babe where have you been

    1. @ Miss TLG... I was out for a while. I'm glad to be back.

  2. “Doki wan climb me na so I no gree!!!” I screamed aloud. - #DEAD


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