Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Forward Ever!

I felt myself on the ground outside the compound and the stares of people as they looked on at me. I wailed loudly and screamed in tears.
“You must leave my house today…you witch!” Solo said to me then turning to the onlookers he said. “If you want to prosper, flee from this girl…she is bad luck.”
“Solo abeg…wetin I do you? Abeg no chase me comot…I nor get wia I fit go.” I cried.
As the commotion continued outside, the landlord walked out to the balcony of his flat. Solo’s house was structured in a way that the landlord lived upstairs alone while all the other tenants lived downstairs.
“Solomon! Why the noise? What is happening?” The landlord asked Solo, his head peeked out of the balcony railings of his house. This was the first time I was ever hearing Solo’s full name.
“Oga landlord, this girl has finished me! I brought her into my house weeks ago and she swindled me. I have nothing left…nothing! My girlfriend left me because of her, she made away with a generous amount of my money and now my furniture has disappeared too, I have lost everything. How can one girl do this to me? How?” Solo said in tears.
My heart went out to him and I wondered how I could do all that to a grown man.
“You are very insensitive…how would you throw a poor girl out on the streets. I have noticed that she washes your clothes, cooks your food and takes care of your needs and why do you repay her with this?” The landlord thundered.
“With all due respect sir, I beg to differ. Bringing this girl into my house has been the worst decision I have ever made. I cannot let her back into my place…no way!” Solo said.
“Solo na beg I dey beg…nor throw way me for outside I beg.” I pleaded.
“Get out of this compound…get out!” Solo screamed.
“You have no right to send her out of this house. Is this your compound? Did you build it? Did you inherit it?” The landlord screamed at Solo.
“Well sir, it seems you do not understand me at all… you can leave her in your compound but you can’t force her into my house besides I pay my rent and have the right to let her in or out.” Solo screamed.

“My dear, what is your name?” Asked the Landlord.
‘Na…na Senorita sir.” I answer.
“Senorita…get up and come upstairs to my flat, you’ll be living with from now on.” The landlord said, flashing me a smile with his sparkling gold teeth.
I get up from the ground and squaring my shoulders, I catwalk towards the staircase of the house. Some of the tenants smirk and say;
“Iya Segun go use pepper for dis one yansh ooo…landlord don arrange new wife for himself ooo shio.” Said the first neighbor.
“Dis one na competition shaaa…Iya Segun and Mama Jibunoh wey don old finish…this our compound go sweet wella…deir action film no go be for hia ooo..” Said another neighbor.
“Oga landlord, you disrespect me ooo…how would you house her after I’ve chased her out of my house.” Solo shouted.
‘Shut your little mouth! When I was building this house, where were you? Get back into your room, wear a shirt and go and make a statement in the police station.”
“Good idea sir, I will make a statement and identify her as the culprit.” Solo threatened.
Oga landlord waved him off and walked over to open the door for me. As soon as I entered the house, he said.
“I have seen you all these while and I have always envied Solo. You will be my new wife and I will throw a big party for us.” Said the landlord as he hugged me.
I smiled at my goodluck and said to myself;

“Na how God dey bless pesin? From grass to grace, na im I dey so.”

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