Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Solo's Kindness!

“Wait oh!!! Where is the money?” Solo asked in a baffled voice.
“Are you asking me? Ask Senorita besides she was the only one left in the house when you drove me home.” Anna snapped.
I heard Solo’s footsteps as he walked up to me. Tapping my shoulder roughly he said;
“Wake up quick! This faint will not solve anything…where is the money?” He asked me.
I was seriously feigning unconsciousness till the desperate urge to sneeze materialized from nowhere.
“Aaaaarrtttishoooo!” I sneezed.
“Senorita! Get up and explain the disappearance of the money.” Anna screamed.
My cover was blown so I had to stretch tiredly and slowly rise from the floor.
“Speak!” Solo demanded.
I have never seen him so angry in the short while I spent in his house.
“Oga Solo…u fit give me water make I drink? My throat don dry so…” I squeaked.

I received a heavy slap and another, then a blow to my head. At that point, I knew he was serious.
“Ahh…no be me touch de money ooo… na dem take am…” I squeak.
“Who?” Solo asked, ready to give me another blow.
“Na Johnny and Benson…na my oga and him friend. Na dem ooo…” I cried.
“How did they get into this house? How did you find out that money was in the house and in my bag…how?” Solo asked, pained.
I launched into the story, afraid that Solo would kick me out of his house for lying to him and stealing from him. By the time I was through with my tale, Anna was already heaping curses on me.
“Idiot…ashawo ten kobo…so this is how you run from one man to the other right? You have not seen anything yet… your days are over in this house.” She screamed.
“Senorita! You will work hard for that money and pay back every dime. Starting from tomorrow, I am taking you to Iya Rosa’s kitchen at the entrance of this street. You will wash plates, cook, and clean till every dime you've stolen from me is paid. Do you understand?” Solo said.
“Who’s going to wait for her to gather up the meagre shillings that she’ll pick up from her lousy chores at Iya Rosa's kitchen? I want my money now!” Screamed Anna.
“I have some money in the bank. You can wait while I get dressed, I’ll pay your money in full.” Said Solo.
I opened my mouth in shock. Solo was the kindest man I have ever known, I wondered how I would pay him back for all his kindness to me.
“What? Are you going to pay me with your hard earned money?” Anna asked baffled.
“I never begged you for that money, yet you forced it on me. Now it’s missing and I want to pay you back every dime I owe you, is that too much to ask?” Solo asked in anger.
“Baby, I can’t believe you’re doing this. Do you love her? Are you guys sleeping together? This is the reason you let her stay right? How could you do this to our love?”
“Do you want your money or not? Please spare my time and let’s get to the bank so that I can give you your money in full. You've always been insecure of our relationship and it started when Senorita entered this house. Look at her? Look at yourself? Who would trade her over a damsel like you? I refuse to believe you still have trust issues where I am concerned.” Solo said bitterly. 
“I’m not interested in the money anymore, you have hurt me more than I have ever imagined. Even after all this tramp has done, she’s still under your roof. I’m leaving and you know where to find me.” Said Anna as she stormed out of the house and banged the door.
“Praise God! She don comot for hia…witch!” I boo.
“Will you keep shut?” Solo said.

“Solo I dey sorry, I think say you go happy sake of say she don comot. E don tey wey dat gial dey do you bad thing…” I continue.
“Are you mad? You have no remorse whatsoever. I am in a dilemma because of you and here you are rejoicing.”
“Di…wetin? You never die na…” I whisper.
“Oya…wear your slippers quick, we are going to Iya Rosa’s shop now. Perhaps it’s time you started cutting your clothes to your size. Look at what your supposed secretary work has brought you.” Solo said.
I quickly wear my slippers and follow him out of the house, muttering under my breath.

“Me wey don do seke work go join kitchen for wetin? A whole Senorita like me! Shio I go show dem for dia say, seke pass seke!”


  1. I kept refreshing all through yesterday till I saw the post where you said you would post today. Thank God you kept your promise.
    I'm enjoying this series Ada. Weldone.

  2. AWWW..Lol @ the pidgin bit...
    great post :)

  3. Senorita, Na God send Solo to you ooo. abeg sense is need. Borrow am!

    1. Abi ooo...I wonder why she likes spoiling things for herself.

  4. Nice one.


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